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Our Courses & Trainers


All our trainers either have teaching qualifications , such as Qualified Teacher Status, as well as Adult Training Qualifications and appropriate qualifications  for  the courses they are teaching.  

All our trainers are subject matter experts. Most of our  first aid trainers are advance level trainers.  

On a daily basis our trainers deliver courses to doctors, nurses, dentist, ambulance,   many more professions and general public

Yes, all of our trainers have had DBS checks, and their certificates are regularly checked to ensure they are up to date.

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Update Service allows:

      – Trainers to keep their DBS certificates up to date

      – First Place Training to check a DBS certificate

      – Clients to check Trainers certificate status

The service is for standard and enhanced DBS checks only

Further information is available on 


We have the following types of courses:

            – Online Courses

            – Remote Courses via Zoom

            – Onsite Courses – We come to your desire location

            – Blended Courses – Part Online and Part Classroom

            – Schedule classroom based courses at our venue 

We can send a qualified trainer to your venue,


The majority of our courses are offered online or in a local training facility’s classroom. To cut down on travel and customise the training for your company, we may also send an Trainer to your place of work. Most courses can be taken in a blended format that combines online and in-person instruction to save you time and money.

Yes, TQUK has approved and endorsed all ProTrainings courses in addition to receiving other approvals and endorsements, providing you with a quality-compliant qualification for your courses regardless of the distribution method you choose.

Absolutely, all of our courses have been developed in accordance with the most recent UK Resuscitation Council recommendations (2021), and any updates or modifications made will be promptly included in the course materials.

You should make sure the course is trustworthy and will pass due diligence tests regardless of whether you are working, operating a business, or taking training for other reasons. Taking certified courses gives you confidence in the course’s quality, compliance, and certificate’s acceptance. Choosing ISO-certified businesses will guarantee that they have been independently reviewed.



Continuous Professional Development, or CPD, is necessary in many business sectors. Even if you don’t need a specific number of CPD credits, having certified CPD confirms the training’s quality. ProTrainings, which ensures that all courses are externally certified and mapped to the highest levels, is the highest gold standard of CPD.

In order to attend any course, you must register and pay in full in advance.

You can make a payment through PayPal by visiting the website, selecting the course you want, and then clicking the PayPal button. Alternatively, you can make a bank transfer to our business account. Contact us, and we’ll send you an invoice with all the necessary payment information.

You will get the certificate electronically via email and should get it within 24 hours


You must bring a notebook and a writing implement. Also, bring a electronic device such as mobile, Ipad, or laptop  to complete Online assessment/exam.

Additionally, you are required to bring proof of identity, such as a valid passport or a driving license and course registration confirmation.

Depending on the course’s length. Throughout the normal six-hour course, there will be two 15-minute breaks and a 30-minute lunch break. Before the session begins, your trainer will provide you more details.  Also, whether we travel to your workplace or you attend a training session at one of our locations, we suggest  you to pack a lunch and some refreshments.

To participate in the crucial practical components of our programme, we advise you to wear comfortable clothing, avoid skirts or dresses. Wearing layers will also help you stay warm on the course because we might open the windows to let the air in.

On our face to face courses, a maximum of 12 participants are allowed. This guarantees a relaxing learning environment as well as the time and room for plenty of hands-on training.

It is impertaive that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the course begins. The class will begin on time and at the scheduled hour. For the first 15 minutes, the trainer will be taking registration. The trainer might accept your late registration if you arrive within 15 minutes of the start time. Following that, you will not be able to participate on the course. You will be charged for the course, and there is no refund.

Yes, one of our specialties is that all of our trainers are adaptable and will go to your home, place of employment, or other location of your choice.

We operate around-the-clock, and we can provide staff training at your location of choice or outside of normal business hours. One of our specialties is offering customised training to clients on their schedule.

For group bookings, kindly get in touch with us as you might be eligible for a discount.

Only group reservations qualify for the discount. The cost will decrease if you book additional participants. Please get in touch with us if you need further details.

Unfortunately, they are unable to attend with you at the training location because of the setup. You can have us come to you. We would be happy to host a course at one of your homes for you and a small group of friends with your children, friends, pets present. For further information please contact us.

Group Discount Available On Request
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